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Fiesta- Old Spanish Days book

Fiesta, The Celebration of Old Spanish Days. This 220 page, 12 x 12 inch coffee table book takes you through Old Spanish Days’ annual Fiesta celebration in Santa Barbara, California. This world-renown, annual festival first began in 1924. The hardbound book contains 640 intriguing photographs from a plethora of interesting perspectives and historic locations.

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contentsLocal photographer A. Arthur Fisher served as the Official Old Spanish Days photographer. From front row and on-stage with the dancers, to middle-of-the-street parade shots, to back-stage and behind the scenes, you’ll experience Fiesta like you’ve never seen it before. Join him through eleven years of photography of this colorful celebration, framed by editor Jim Youngson's culmination of historic quotes and contemporary retrospectives.

Book Specifications:

  • 12 x 12 inch Hardbound, Coffee Table Book
  • 220 Pages, Printed in Full Color on High Quality Paper
  • HiFi Color, Laminated Dust Jacket
  • Foil Embossed, Cloth-coated Binding
  • 640 High-Quality Images
  • Fully Captioned Photographs
  • Over a Decade of Fiesta Photography
  • Beautiful Panoramas
  • Iconic Santa Barbara Locations
  • Some 1,500 Faces Captured
  • Colorful Graphic Design
  • Quotes by Prominent Fiesta Directors & Participants
  • Historic Fiesta Accounts & News Clippings

ISBN 978-0-615-60860-0

Read more about this book at celebratefiesta.com.

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